Smart Bear Finds A Way To Steal Water Bags From A Pool

Animals are incredible creatures. They will never stop astonishing us with their misdeeds. There is not a single viral video about animals on the World Wide Web that hasn’t provoked a smile on our face. The same goes for this treacherous black bear in Pennsylvania.

They say curiosity killed the cat but not this bear. Its curiosity not only helped this animal investigates the pool, but it also manages to steal something from it. How crazy is that? The bear is standing on the brink of the pool before she leans with its body forwards in order to take a water bag that it thinks appropriate to steal. Extending her front legs, the bear tries to grab the blue water bag first but having realized it is more difficult to get, it makes use of its muzzle and catches the yellow water bag. Having pulled out half of the bag, the bear faces little difficulties pulling the rest. But animals are pretty resourceful creatures so they will find their way round obstacles. Just like this bear does. After it has found a way to position the bag in the handiest way possible, we see the animal going away triumphantly as it succeeds in its stealing mission. What a smart bear this is. Unbelievable!

These large and stocky animals with short tails are not territorial at all; they are mostly solitary. Home ranges typically are larger where food is less abundant and smaller where food is plentiful. When winter arrives, black bears spend the season dormant in their dens, feeding on body fat they have built up by eating ravenously all summer and fall.