Curious fisherman drops camera to see the fish he can't catch

When the fish were not biting, these fishermen believed it was because there were none to be caught. But this father decided to attach a camera to his hook to see if his sons' claims were correct. When he looked at the footage, he was surprised to see not only a bunch of fish, but that he nearly bonked one on the head when the camera hit the bottom. This father and his sons are fishing in a remote lake in Ontario, Canada. They have chosen a spot in front of a beaver lodge, usually a sure place to catch fish. But as the fish are reluctant to bite, it became difficult to believe that they were there. The camera shows that it was skill, not a lack of fish that made them go back to the cottage empty-handed. The bottom of a lake is a mysterious place and a camera on a string reveals that there is more going on than meets the eye. These fish were actually more curious about the camera than they were about the bait being presented. The lesson in this might be that persistence will pay off eventually and that they shouldn't give up, thinking that nothing lurks below.