Curious sea turtle nibbles and investigates scuba diver's camera

Sea turtles are one of the most endearing animals in the underwater world. Scuba divers delight in swimming with them and taking photographs and videos. Even those who do not venture beneath the waves dream of seeing one in the wild and getting a close look. Usually shy and reclusive, sea turtles avoid humans and most often swim away soon after being spotted. But occasionally, a lucky scuba diver will have an interactive close up experience like this one and they will not soon forget the encounter. This green turtle is a threatened species but there is a healthy population of them on several reefs in Mexico, where this inquisitive little fellow lives. A young turtle, and full of curiosity, he spent some time looking at Kristy and her camera. He checked her out for a minute or more before he spotted her diver partner, and husband, Dave a little ways away. He turned and swam directly to Dave, immediately focusing on his GoPro camera. As if it were something to taste, he opened wide and tried several times to nibble on the camera. Almost indestructible, the camera will easily stand up to even the powerful jaws of a sea turtle, so Dave wasn’t at all worried and he let the turtle chomp away. Completely fascinated with the turtles behaviour, Dave drifted along, staring at the amusing little creature. Other divers in the group watched with equal fascination. The turtle actually bit at the camera from different angles several times. Sea turtles are not aggressive at all and Dave was never in danger of being bitten. An interaction like this doesn’t happen every day and this is a dive that Dave and Kristy will never forget. As a bonus, this dive resulted in some very unusual footage as well as a few laughs.