Customers sidling up to porridge bar at St. John's market

Whether you like blueberries, brown sugar or both — Janet Harron's porridge bar is a place where you can pick your poison.

The owner of Wild Mother Provisions has taken her latest creation to the St. John's Community Market, where she's carving out a niche as the only oatmeal dealer.

"I thought it's a pretty simple thing to make, I think people will really like it," she told Weekend AM's Heather Barrett. "It's perfect for the winter here … it's a spin on something very traditional."

Heather Barrett/CBC

Her product differs from packaged oatmeal in that it's made from steel-cut oats, and has a thicker texture — like the consistency of risotto, she said.

Harron got the idea while on Granville Island in British Columbia, where hipster trends rein supreme.

"It's a very hipster thing," she laughed.

Harron offers a variety of different toppings for people, including toasted walnuts, chocolate shavings, coconut, flax seeds and more. People can create their own bowl whatever way they want it.

Heather Barrett/CBC

"I would say nine out of 10 people go for the blueberry," she said. "They seem to like everything and I think maybe I'll start a suggestion box for new toppings."

Harron is serving up bowls of porridge most weekends these days, and will be on hand as the St. John's Community Market holds its first Sunday market this weekend.

"Once you've had real porridge you can't go back to the packaged oatmeal," she laughed. "It's just not the same thing. It's not even comparable."

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