CW FunDay a chance for community to come together

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ELORA – After all of the isolation related to the pandemic over the last two years, Sunday's Centre Wellington FunDay will be a way for the people of the community to socialize with each other once again, organizers say.

The event is meant to offer a good time with quality music and food It is also family friendly.

The event, open to all, takes place at Bissell Park in Elora on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“We have it as a family fun day. That means we have entertainment groups for adults and children,” said Centre Wellington Black Committee founder Millicent Gordon.

The FunDay will have a back to school kids fashion show, bouncy castle, face painting and dance competition.

The main entertainer/host at the event will be DJ Cool from 102.7 FM. Other musicians attending include Jimmy Ried, Zaikous Cooper, Ele Trema, Super L, Richie C and Junior Gardener.

The event was set up by the Centre Wellington Black Committee. One of the priorities of the CWBC generally and through the FunDay is to bring the community together, not just Black residents.

“We wanted to bring awareness to our group also,” Gordon said. “We just began in December 2021.”

Gordon explained that the CWBC had the opportunity to host an event like this as the Township of Centre Wellington was offering grants for events.

“The township was providing some community grants for organizations and community groups. So we decided that we would take advantage of it. And the grant was just $1,000, but it was enough for us to get started,” Gordon said.

A goal of the FunDay “is to make people aware of the rich culture and history of Centre Wellington” and the surrounding area, according to the press release.

Other issues the CWBC are working on include: making sure Black youth feel welcome in school and having a future school named after Richard Pierpoint (thought to be the very first Black individual to settle and live in the area).

Gordon is still a little overwhelmed by the challenge of the CW FunDay. So the group is not currently considering further FunDay style events.

“We just want to get through this first event, which is a lot of work,” Gordon said. “Putting on an event for $1,000 is a big feat. I gotta tell you."

Jesse Gault, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,