Cycling art tour offers outdoor engagement

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Cyclists and art lovers across Richmond can participate in a cycling art tour developed by the city.

Part of the #RichmondHasHeart campaign, the tour aims to bring Richmondites together safely while maintaining physical distancing protocols. City staff said the activity was developed during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic to invite community members to engage with and access the arts in meaningful ways—while staying safe. The program is free, self-guided and contactless, and is available to participants on their own or in small groups.

“Public art is important because it creates civic pride, a sense of place, urban beautification, livability, cultural interpretation and sustainability for residents and visitors of Richmond,” says city public art planner Biliana Velkova.

The self-guided tour begins at City Centre Community Centre and takes participants through 12 public art exhibits. It is about 12 kilometres long and takes an hour and a half. Many of the art pieces included in the tour demonstrate the power and resilience of community, connection, togetherness, home and place, according to city staff. The pandemic provides a unique lens through which to view these works.

Velkova says the city often develops similar self-led cultural events, particularly those that engage with the public art collection.

“As our collection grows, we are always programming different ways to experience it,” she says.

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Hannah Scott, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Richmond Sentinel