This cyclist takes his summer refreshments very seriously

When the heat of summer hits hard in Canada, people resort to ways to keep cool and refreshed. Cottage time provides many with a break from the heat as they spend time in or beside the lake. But for many, getting away from the city isn't always possible. This cyclist has found an ample supply of refreshing beverages and he's determined to get them to his home or to wherever he will be enjoying a few cold drinks. Either for exercise or because he doesn't have a vehicle, he has fashioned a trailer and stacked up his cases behind the bike. He'll get those drinks to where he's going with a little pedal power. This is Peterborough, Ontario. It's not unusual in Canada to see people acting in a relaxed manner as they take up a lane of traffic. Known for their politeness and patience, few Canadians will honk or become irritated if they are stuck behind this man momentarily. More likely, they will respect his commitment and willingness to work this hard. Our friend on the bike continued along the street for quite a distance before the car with the camera pulled around and drove off. A true Canadian salute goes out to this man for managing the summer heat in such a way!

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