Cygnet dies after getting caught in fishing line

Fish hook and line in a gloved hand
The cygnet drowned after getting tangled in discarded fishing line [RSPCA]

A cygnet has died after getting tangled in a discarded fishing line, causing it to drown.

The young swan was found in a lake near Stretham in Cambridgeshire earlier this month.

RSPCA animal rescue officer David Allen found a hook in the dead bird's wing with several inches of line attached, which had become caught in reeds.

"This highlights why it's so important that people dispose of their fishing litter properly, so that animals like this poor cygnet don't suffer," he said.

"Carelessly discarded fishing line, hooks and netting can have a terrible toll on animals, and water birds like the swan at this lake are particularly vulnerable.

"The majority of anglers are responsible and do dispose of these items properly, but it's frustrating that those who don't may not realise the danger they pose."

The charity urged people to follow the Angling Trust's Take 5 campaign - to take five minutes at the end of their fishing session to collect all equipment and litter.

There is also an Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme to help people dispose of waste tackle and line.

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