D-backs aim to conquer NL West(eros) with 'Game of Thrones' bobble

George R.R. Martin probably didn’t have Arizona in mind when he made the Stark’s house words “Winter is coming,” but the fight for the National League West(eros) title will have to go through the Diamondbacks.

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The Diamondbacks have jumped out to a surprising start this year, and they intend to fight to keep that position. How else can you explain the team’s excellent “Game of Thrones” bobblehead?

Yes, the Arizona Diamondbacks will hold a “Game of Thrones” night July 7. Any fan who purchases an exclusive ticket package will receive a Taijuan “White” Walker bobblehead. For $50, fans will also receive a ticket and an opportunity to sit in the official Iron Throne. Tickets can be purchased on the Diamondbacks’ website.

We have to give the Diamondbacks some credit here … the Taijuan “White” Walker bobblehead is pretty clever. It doesn’t resemble Taijuan Walker at all, though, so it’s just a fun play on words. Any fan who goes to the game is basically receiving a White Walker bobblehead wearing a D-Backs hat. We’re not complaining about that, mind you, just providing some observations.

Taijuan Walker’s name makes for a decent Game of Thrones pun. (AP Photo)

If the Diamondbacks are willing to paint themselves as the bad guys, that makes us wonder what downtrodden club will rise up and try to overtake them before they rule the division. J.T. Snow may no longer play for the San Francisco Giants, but he is a member of the front office.

Can a man named Snow lead a misfit group against the growing White Walker threat? Thankfully, we won’t have to wait for the next “Game of Thrones” book to get our answer.

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