Dad ‘Attempted To Revive Baby Daughter In The Fridge’ After She Was Left In Hot Car

A dad-of-three has been charged with manslaughter after he allegedly left his baby daughter in a sweltering hot car before trying to revive her by putting her in the FRIDGE.

Michael Shannon Thedford is accused of leaving his six-month-old daughter in his minivan while he went into his house for a three-hour nap.

The 33-year-old, who had dropped his other two children to a day care in Melissa, Dallas, is said to have forgotten his daughter was in the vehicle and awoke to realise that he left the child trapped inside in 32C temperatures.

According to an affidavit, Thedford then “placed the girl in the refrigerator for an undetermined length of time”, in an attempt to revive her.

He then apparently called police who arrived at his hoe over four hours after he had dropped his older children to school.

The baby was found dead in the kitchen after Thedford reportedly attempted CPR on her.

Neighbour Fabiola Contreras saw police arrive and told CBS DFW: “They used a Mickey Mouse type of doll for him to show what happened and now that I think about it, they also were measuring from the van to the door now that I remember.”

Thedford’s father, Stan, described the incident as a “terrible accident”.

Pic: Police handout