Dad baffled after son accused of random Fort Worth murder. ‘He doesn’t like to hurt things.’

An 18-year-old suspect in the recent killing of a Fort Worth man has no history of mental illness or racist ideology, according to his father.

Decan Medeiros of Kettle Falls, Washington, was booked on a murder charge on Thursday, two days after the death of Lee Douglas at John Peter Smith Hospital.

Douglas, a 36-year-old father of five, was shot while walking to his car in what Fort Worth police called a random attack by a stranger outside of his place of work in the early morning hours of May 30.

Medeiros has been in custody since he was arrested on May 31 on four counts of aggravated assault in connection to the shooting.

Medeiros’ father, Ricky Medeiros, said he is completely perplexed by his son’s situation.

“I think it’s weird as hell, to be honest,” he told the Star-Telegram on Friday. “The kid is gonna randomly get off a [expletive] plane, find a gun and then go execute somebody?”

His son had no history of mental health issues, Ricky Medeiros said, but he did have a counselor for a while to discuss issues related to his mother, who left the family when he was younger.

Decan Medeiros “got a little more distant” after the COVID-19 pandemic, his father said, but “he’s not a freaking killer like that. He’s not going to go [expletive] shoot somebody.”

He described his son as “like a hippie,” adding that “he don’t like to even eat meat, because he doesn’t like to hurt things.”

Fort Worth police have said that they are not investigating the shooting as a hate crime, but the family of Douglas, who was Black, has said they think that race could have been a factor.

“We definitely want to get down to the bottom of it,” Douglas’ sister Aushalay Meadows told the Star-Telegram in an interview Thursday. “I wanna know what the motive is. Like I just don’t understand how you just walk up to somebody and shoot them.”

Douglas, who worked as an electrician at Refresco Beverages at 15200 Trinity Blvd., was shot first in the back then again in the face after he fell to the ground, according to his family and the Tarrant County medical examiner.

Decan Medeiros is currently in custody at the Lon Evans Corrections Center, part of the Tarrant County jail system, with bond set at $615,000.

Ricky Medeiros visited him in jail on June 7, but said that his son was “so high” that he was unable to have a meaningful conversation with him.

“He couldn’t even put a freaking sentence together,” he said. “His eyes were so dilated.”

When Ricky Medeiros asked his son’s attorney, Brad Shaw, where his son could have gotten the gun after getting off a flight at DFW Airport, Shaw told him, “Oh, this is Texas,” he said.

“So what does Texas just have [expletive] guns laying in the street everywhere over there, or what?” Ricky Medeiros said.

Shaw did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A complaint filed by Tarrant County prosecutors on the assault charges lists three additional victims in the case. The other victims were threatened by Decan Medeiros but not injured, prosecutors allege in the complaint.

Ricky Medeiros works as a journeyman lineman and usually travels across the country in the summer to support his family.

Decan Medeiros had joined him working on power lines in Tennessee, instead of finishing high school back home, but regretted the decision after going out to meet his father. He was flying back to Washington to finish his classes and graduate on May 30 and had stopped for a layover at DFW Airport hours before Douglas was shot, according to his family.

Decan Medeiros did not know anyone in North Texas, his father said.

“That was his connecting flight,” he said. “We know nobody in Texas.”