Dad Builds Backyard Ramp For 1-Year-Old Snowboarder

The winter season can be really great if you are not specifically frightened of the cold or the big snow hills. For some of us, the winter season is quite the obstacles. The shivering cold, the banks of snow even the windshield can create the need to stay home, shrivel up into a cozy blanket and just hibernate through the winter. Where as for some of us, we look forward to the winter days all throughout the year. The white fields and glamouring sun is just an additional motivation to get your skiing gear and run out to the hills.

Now, they always say that age is not an issue and that you are as old as you feel. Well, this little girl proves just that but quite in the opposite direction when age is the topic. How old does one have to be in order to pursue their passion of snowboarding. Can you guess? Well, this little girl at just 16 months old proves everyone wrong.

Not only does he prove his skills with his balance, but he also shows that he has some tricks up his sleeve. With dads help of course, he manages to make it right over the jump that dad has made for him. 16-month-old Theo shreds a backyard mini-park built by his dad. He's destined for greatness!