Dad hypes up children’s outfits every single day: ‘What a beautiful and affirming dad’

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Social media is praising this dad for his daily acts of affection for his kids.

TikTok mom @jaylabrenae5 shared a moment from their children’s everyday routine. Whenever their son and daughter put their clothes on, it’s a cause for celebration at the Dallas family’s home. That’s because the two kiddos simply cannot carry on with their day until dad approves their outfits.

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“When your children love to get their dad’s reaction anytime they get dressed,” the video text read.

The toddler boy wanted to show off his yellow look, a matching T-shirt and shorts. It just wouldn’t be the same with props from dad.

“You look so cool,” the father said.

Then it was little sister’s turn. She impressed dad with her pink dress and adorable braids.

“Look at you with your barrettes,” he said, complimenting her hair.

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But it was only a matter of time before the big brother wanted some love for her soft curls.

“Oh, you got your hair too? It’s all silky! OK, boy, I see you,” the dad told him.

Both of the kids jumped up and down in excitement over their father’s affections.

“He loves her hair, and this was the first time he’s seen her with barrettes in it, so he was too excited about them!” the mom added in the comments, and in the caption, “Literally the CUTEST thing to witness!!!”

The cute video racked up 2.9 million views on TikTok.

“These babies are gonna have such high self-esteem. All the love they operate in every day … WINNER!!” a user wrote.

“The way they’re comfortable and safe enough to ask for attention from their parents,” a person said.

“If ALL children were able to receive this kind of love, so many of the world’s problems would be solved,” another commented.

“I love how Dad backed away from the desk; his kids have his full attention. Such a small moment that has a big impact,” a TikToker replied.

“Ridiculously adorable children, but more importantly, what a beautiful and affirming dad,” someone added.

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