Dad interrupts wife’s TikTok with hilarious wiping lesson

This dad accidentally photobombed his wife’s TikTok while he was giving their son a lesson on proper wiping and bathroom hygiene, and the hysterical video perfectly captures the chaos of parenting.

Raising tiny humans can be quite the hilarious head trip, as shown in a recent video from TikToker and parent Kaylie Finnigan (@kayyello). While in the middle of filming her pregnant belly in its final stages, Finnigan was interrupted by her husband giving their son a very hands-on potty training lesson, and the relatable footage has parents and caregivers losing it all over TikTok.

The clip opens with a shot of Finnigan taking a mirror selfie, showing off her heavily pregnant belly. While “trying to get a cute vid” of her belly in its final form, her husband, John, can be heard in the background saying, “Don’t crinkle it up.”

“You’re not crinkling it up,” John repeats. “You’re wiping your butt, right?” he says, sporting a blue button-down shirt and Teva sandals as he walks out of the bathroom.

Holding a neatly folded sheet of toilet paper, John leans forward with his back facing the bathroom and explains, “You’re going to take this right here, and you’re going to wipe your butt from [here] up to the top of your butt, like this,” while demonstrating the process with grand hand gestures.

Wrapping up the lesson, John pantomimes with the toilet paper, instructing his son to “look at it” and “fold it” before the video comes to a close.

Viewers couldn’t stop cracking up over the ridiculously relatable video.

“I bet there’s a lot of people on this app who could really use these tips,” one user joked.

“As a former preschool teacher, THANK YOU,” applauded one TikToker.

“And all the while wearing those dad sandals. [I] 100% approve,” one viewer declared.

Based on John’s thorough tutorial, their new child will be potty trained in no time!

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