Daily Bread Food Bank thanks its volunteers with a Christmas feast to remember

Every year, the Daily Bread Food Bank serves as the safety net for thousands of Torontonians, who don't have enough to eat. 

The work of the food bank is invaluable to the most vulnerable people in the city. And the organization says it could never run without the help of volunteers. This year, Daily Bread is thanking those who give back with a five-course Christmas meal with all the fixings. 

And each of the volunteers have their own story and their own reasons for why they give back.

Deborah Stay has been volunteering at the food bank for a month a half, after hearing about the service from a friend who was in need. She says the volunteer team is a "family" that gives back. 

Adrian Cheung/CBC

"It's not only your time, it's not only your money. It's a smile, it's a word of encouragement, it's saying 'I'll be there for you if you need me.'"

Greg Marshall won an award for being a dedicated volunteer. He says the season is about giving back and lending a helping hand to one another, whenever it's needed. 

"There's nothing satisfying about opening a present all on your own. It's opening it and showing everyone and playing with it, sharing it that really makes it."

Adrian Cheung/CBC

Both chef Shonah Chalmers from Humber College and Sarah Heaton from Gordon Food Service helped lead the Christmas dinner. 

They say the people who work on their team to help put together dozens of dishes for the evening all want to help solve food insecurity in Toronto. 

Adrian Cheung/CBC

"There's a big issue of food insecurity that people don't realize in our own backyard. And doing things like this really brings it to the forefront of people's minds," Chalmers said. 

Adrian Cheung/CBC

The feast for the dozens of volunteers included a turkey dinner with all the side fixings.

Yanjun Li/CBC