The Dak Prescott 'Get Out' mural has already been defaced

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor

The mural in Dallas of Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott in the iconic image from the Academy Award-winning film “Get Out” has been already been defaced.

The mural popped up on Friday in the Trinity Groves area of Dallas shortly after Prescott spoke about his stance on protesting during the national anthem — which he said he would never do, as he doesn’t think “that’s the time or the venue to do so.”

Those comments inspired Arlington, Texas, native Trey Wilder to create the mural, something he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram took only eight cans of spray paint and just three hours to do.

Naturally, the mural garnered national attention almost instantly.

By Sunday night, though, that mural was already defaced. Large portions of the mural had been painted over — including Prescott’s eyes.

Wilder has used that space at the Fabrication Yard to create art before — previously profiling LeBron James and Dirk Nowitzki — and said he knew that there was a chance that this mural wouldn’t last long. After all, it is the side of a building that is open to anyone to create art on.

But, perhaps most importantly, Wilder already got his point across.

“You know what, it’s already done its job,” Wilder told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “So, it really didn’t matter. Besides, that’s what happens at the (Fabrication) Yard.”

Prescott was asked about the mural on Thursday at the team’s training camp in Oxnard, California, and was pretty quiet about it.

“Everybody is umm…” Prescott said, pausing. “Everybody has their own opinion.”

While Wilder — who works as a freelance artist in the Dallas area — is a Cowboys fan himself, he said the mural is simply his reaction to Prescott’s comments on the national anthem.

“Honestly, I know he’s a superstar, but I’m not scared of Dak Prescott,” Wilder told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram last week. “But like in the movie, maybe [the piece] will be a flash for him. I think, with that platform, it was just weird how he dismissed the whole situation, especially being a black man himself.”

The mural in Dallas featuring Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott in the iconic image from “Get Out” has already been defaced just days after it was created. (Getty Images)

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