Dalhousie mayor celebrates return to yellow

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The mayor of Dalhousie is celebrating his region's move back into yellow this morning.

Zone 5, which includes Dalhousie and Campbellton, had been in the orange stage of COVID-19 recovery since Oct. 9 because of an outbreak in the area.

But yesterday the province announced the region would be permitted to join the rest of the province in the yellow stage.

Mayor Normand Pelletier said he was told about the good news at a teleconference with public health at around noon on Thursday.

"A lot of people, a lot of small businesses are extremely hurting," said Pelletier.

"I'm certain that they're very happy to hear yesterday afternoon that we were going back to yellow."

This is the second time the region was forced to go into the orange phase after the initial COVID-19 lockdown.

This time there were a number of cases of COVID-19 which could not be linked suggesting community spread, which cause even more restrictions to be imposed.

Early in the outbreak the province chastised the area for not properly following public health guidelines around mask use and public gatherings.

Pelletier said the region took the matter seriously.

"When you look at the whole, people were following the guidelines and were wearing their masks and keeping their social distance when the government asked us to do so," said Pelletier.

"Speaking with public health and public safety when they were in our region, they were quite pleased with the way people were following the guidelines of the province."

While Pelletier is happy to be out of the orange stage, he's still concerned about the health of the business community.

"Some of the salons and barbers are really struggling and hurting we're keeping our fingers crossed that they could rebound," said Pelletier.

"Let's hope that the people could start supporting them again and help them get back on their feet."

Now that the zone has entered yellow Pelletier says the community is exploring the possibility of reopening it's arena.

He said he hopes people in the region will continue to follow public health guidelines to make sure a return to orange isn't necessary in the future.

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