Dalhousie in search of a new musical composition for its 200th birthday

Dalhousie in search of a new musical composition for its 200th birthday

Are you excited about Dalhousie's 200th birthday? Then compose yourself.

Dalhousie University is seeking a newly written composition for brass quintet to be performed at the school's 200th anniversary.

"The hope is that it will play at the actual event celebrating the 200th anniversary, but also become a piece that could regularly be played at convocation and other ceremonies at the university," said Fiona Ryan of the university's Fountain School of Performing Arts. 

The call for works is open to all professional Canadian composers, and Ryan said she expects submissions from a variety of backgrounds, including Dalhousie graduates.

The piece will be performed at an anniversary celebration ceremony next February by a professional quintet consisting of two trumpets, a French horn, a tenor trombone and a bass trombone.

$2K prize

The composer of the selected 2 minute, 30 second piece will win $2,000.

"It will be played during ceremonies in which the brass quintet will have to play processional works for a long period of time," the call to works says.

"Therefore, the selection committee will be looking for compositions that take playability, instrumentalists' fatigue and performance context into consideration."

Ryan said the piece should be celebratory, joyful and majestic, in the same vein as Edward Elgar's well known Pomp and Circumstance marches.

The university is encouraging applicants to visit the Dalhousie website to familiarize themselves with the school's history and culture. 

There are other conditions that can be read here. 

Applications must be received by Sept. 15.