Dana Antal Arena to Stay Open for Rentals Until Mid-May

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On Wednesday, March 10th, Mayor Grant Forster called the regularly scheduled meeting of the Esterhazy town council to order with all members present.

The council reviewed the agenda before Councillor Rowland made a motion to accept the amended agenda; motion carried.

Next, the council reviewed the minutes with no errors or omissions. Councillor Flick made the motion to accept the minutes; motion carried.

Carrying on, the council reviewed the Financials bringing with the Trial Balance for the month ending February 2021. Acting Administrator Mike Thorley explained the Financials to the council before discussing a few of the costs in the List of Accounts and the Source Deductions. Councillor Petracek made a motion to accept the Financials as presented and discussed; motion carried.

Administrative Reports

Town Maintenance Foreman Gord Meyer gave his report to the council. Meyer informed the council that his staff is preparing for spring, as well as the possibility of getting the dump cleaned up. It was asked if maintenance staff talk to people who push snow onto the streets and pile it around town; it is against town bylaws to push snow onto the streets.

Next, the council heard from Planning & Development Director Tammy MacDonald for her report. She mentioned a business from Yorkton has asked to put up an advertisement sign on a residential lot. Council will not allow a sign put up unless a contractor is building on that lot. The Economic Development Committee (EDC) requested two appointments to the EDC; the council approved the appointments. Warren Kaeding, MLA will meet with MacDonald via Zoom on Friday.

Community Development & Recreation Director Brenda Redman was next to give her report to the council. She informed that two user groups have requested to use the arena from April 1 to mid-May (approximately). Redman would like a contract to get extra help with only 3 staff. Councillor Rowland made a motion to rent the facility for $25000 based on the contract and conditions.

The council reviewed the Fire Report and Water Reports. The fire department was shown the insurance program being offered and will discuss it in depth and get back to the council.

Acting Administrator Mike Thorley gave the administrator report to the council. Thorley explained that RBC Digital solutions had given the town a report for payroll and accessing the back report online. Thorley recommended paying the $30 per month fee to utilize this service. Councilor Bot made a motion to use the service; motion carried. The 2020 audit was completed last week. Councillor Petracek made a motion to accept the reports as reviewed; motion carried.

New Business

The Time Out Eatery was discussed; it is looking into setting up a portable food trailer that might be left on-site by the pool. A by-law states it must be a self-contained drivable unit that can and is removed from the site daily. Planning and Development Director MacDonald recommends a possible 2-week contract to allow the vendor to remain on site. The Esterhazy Housing Authority has requested to use the library as a Muster Place for Daisy Hill and Sumner place. Councillor Petracek made a motion to add this to the EMO Plan so the library can be used as a muster point; motion carried.

Commercial Development was next to be discussed. Councillor Pfeifer explained to the council ways to bring more business into town and questioned why the council has continued to develop this area with town infrastructures like water and sewer. MacDonald explained to the council the procedures to develop this land. The council agreed this should be a budget item to be discussed further at the budget meeting.


The council reviewed the correspondence including a letter from MP Cathay Wagantall about the Firearms legislation affects on Municipalities, Saskatchewan Housing Corporation about Esterhazy Nominating Committee and Chair. Regarding the Esterhazy Regional Park, the council reviewed the minutes of the last park meeting. The SGI Auto Fund and Business Recognition Assessment was mentioned, as well as Tourism Saskatchewan inquiring about the Industry Update. Councillor Flick made a motion to file the correspondence; motion carried.

Meeting adjourned by a motion by Councilor Bot; motion carried.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal