Dancers hoping to make it to Canada's Got Talent

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You might soon be watching local dancers on the next edition of Canada's Got Talent.

The Dazzler Divas — Raina Solanki, Rushika Vyas, Tejal Patel, Palak Patel, and Prachi Patel — recorded their Garba dance in Hollinger Park and Lions Club Park on the weekend. They have been practising for the last two weeks as the deadline to apply for the reality TV show is on Aug. 11.

The members of the group are professional dancers but haven't had a chance to perform in Canada. They hope they can make it to the popular Canadian television show.

Raina Solanki has her own dance studio in India.

She hopes to regain her dancing talent after a few years gap.

"We really want to perform on a big stage," she said.

Garba is a popular form of dance, especially in the Indian state of Gujarat. Traditionally, Garba is performed while keeping the Hindu Goddess Shakti in the middle. The dance is performed during the festival of Navaratri.

"We are so passionate about Garba dancing. We dance on all occasions, like a birthday party," said Vyas.

She moved to Canada as an international student about seven months ago. "Even in India, I have performed in a big event and I won second prize," she added.

Jay Solanki, Raina's husband, applied to the reality TV show for the group.

"She was very hesitant initially, so I filled (out) the form for her," said Jay Solanki.

The dancers are hoping their hard work will pay off.

The group also wants to perform at different multicultural events in Timmins in the future. Raina wants to open her own dance studio in Canada as well.

Jinsh Rayaroth, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,