Dangerous Review: Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover’s Thriller Series Is ‘Dangerous’ for Your Senses

Sreeju Sudhakaran
·4 min read

Dangerous Movie Review: I am really confused here. Should I call Dangerous, starring real-life spouses Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover, a movie? Or is it a mini-series? Or is it a movie hacked into 20 minutes-episodes to make it look like a mini-series? Coming with such a confused identity on MX Player, this another assembly-line Vikram Bhatt product is directed by Bhushan Patel and written by Bhatt. Dangerous Trailer: Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover Team Up for an Edgy Thriller (Watch Video).

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Bipasha Basu plays Neha, a police officer recently transferred to London Police department. BTW, don't get fooled by characters name-dropping places like Manchester, Liverpool, Dover etc. While the movie looks like it is shot in Britain, the English they speak is more Bandra. At least, the locales look beautiful enough.

So, anyway, Neha gets transferred to London PD, and the first case she is assigned there brings her back to her ex, Aditya Dhanraj (Karan Singh Grover). Aditya, who has married a rich and spoilt heiress, Dia (Sonali Raut) has reported his wife has been missing for 30 hours. The department believes only Neha can tackle the case. Why? No reason given, apart from the fact it is merely a plot convenience. Neha mentions catching a serial killer in Manchester in the most off-hand manner in which you can say that line. That sounded like a better movie (or series, whatever this is) than what we got here.

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Anyway, moving ahead with this sasta Race, it is not just Dia, but even Vishal (Bigg Boss fame Suyyash Rai), Aditya's friend - or is it chauffeur, or is it driver, frankly no one cares - is also missing. The police later find him injured and unconscious, and admits him in a hospital. Aditya gets a call from the kidnapper who demands millions of pounds as ransom. The police can't track the call, prompting Neha to exclaim, "Yeh koi ordinary criminal nahi hai. We are dealing with someone very clever!"

True. Or maybe he just learnt a trick or two from Naseeruddin Shah in A Wednesday.

So as the plot thickens, Aditya finds out that his wife had an affair, We get flashbacks within flashbacks. We get the ex-couple expectedly rekindling their old feelings for each other, while pouting lines that make sound like they practising for Ghalib.

Watch the Trailer of Dangerous here:

Neha is seen randomly going into a flashback to a pub, where Aditya is with Dia, and Neha is with a random gora, who is never seen or mentioned again. Why this scene was needed, I don't know, other than inserting one of the few needless songs. The other songs are mere excuses to add more makeout scenes in the film. Karan Singh Grover Is Bipasha Basu’s Personal Photographer at Home; Actress Shares Pics Clicked by Hubby.

We also have a villain monologuing loudly to himself, but making sure he carefully words them so that he doesn't spill out his co-conspirator's name. Because, you know deewaron ke bhi kaan hote hai. The movie doesn't reason the scene as such; it is me who is trying to logicise it because the makers don't bother to do so.

There is also Gauri (Natasha Suri), Aditya's housekeeper, who is decked up so much that we know she is a red herring in a black apron. Neha also has a colleague, played by Nitin Arora, who represents Dangerous' confused identity. When Neha meets him first in the film, she calls him Jaggi. He asks her to call him Jaggs. But the episode's end-credits refer to him as 'Victor Jenkins'. Now why would you drop such a cool name for something as blah as Jaggs? These NRI's, I tell you!

So what else do we get here? We have Bipasha Basu sighing and heaving her way throughout her performance, when she isn't doing an impressive swirl to dodge a bullet. Karan Singh Grover flexes his biceps and other ripped muscles in his body in every scene, to distract you from the fact that he can't pull off an expression convincingly. If Bipasha and Karan's chemistry was scorching hot in Alone, here it is as frigid as an Alaskan glacier. At least, the glaciers are melting due to global warming. No such luck here!

We also have some British cops whose ineptness make us wonder if the makers once decided to make a satire on UP law & order, but then set it in UK at the last minute. All leads to a twisty third act finale, whose back-to-back shocking reveals and killings are as predictable as the yawns that escaped from my mouth.


- By Breaking it Into 20 Minutes Episodes, Gives You Enough Breaks to Rest Your Brains.


- Everything Else!

Final Thoughts

The only thing 'Dangerous' about this thriller series is what it does to your intelligence, when you try to make sense of what's happening. Dangerous is streaming on MX Player.