Danny McBride Hit By Car While Making 'Stand By Me 2'

Alien: Covenant star Danny McBride dropped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where he talked about his sequel to Stand By Me. When McBride was growing up, he loved making films and the first film he ever made was Stand By Me 2.

McBride really let his creative juices flow on the concept of the sequel, saying "Ray Brower, the kid who's dead in the first one, comes back as a zombie to kill all the kids who saw his dead body."

McBride played the role of Gordie in the sequel. For Gordie's death scene McBride asked one of his friend's older brothers to hit McBride with his car. McBride said, "I literally got hit by a car, rolled off the hood and limped home for dinner."

Based off McBride's description of the film, it sounds great. Unfortunately it is highly unlikely anyone will see the final product because McBride said, "I'm the only one with a copy and no one will ever see it."