Dark Winds Sneak Peek: Leaphorn’s Father Argues ‘White Justice’ vs. ‘Indian Justice’ in Season Finale

When — or at this point, should we say “if”? — The Blond Man and those who hired him are caught dead to rights, what sort of justice should be served?

That question is at the fore in the above sneak peek from the Dark Winds Season 2 finale, streaming this Thursday on AMC+ and airing Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

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When last we tuned in, Leaphorn (TVLine Performer of the Week Zahn McClarnon) and his team did their darnedest to interrogate The Blond Man (Nicholas Logan), who was jailed after an utterly grueling trek through the desert. Yet while it was learned that The Blond Man had killed Carl Lebeck years ago as a means to gaining access to the oil well site and plant explosives, the assassin did not let on at all for whom he worked/works.

Worse, in the course of being transported away at the end, The Blond Man managed to get free (using Sena’s missing pen?) and force the sheriff into a crash. Sena seemed OK, but The Blond Man is again in the wind, as they say.

In this week’s finale, titled “Hózhó náhásdlįį (Beauty is Restored),” Manuelito (Jessica Matten) prepares for a big life change after being offered a gig with U.S. Border Patrol, while Leaphorn and private eye Chee (Kiowa Gordon) uncover evidence that connects their respective cases — involving The Blond Man and B.J. Vines, respectively — only for Leaphorn to then realize that justice for his son’s killer won’t be easily served.

What that eventual justice can and should look like is debated by Joe and his father Henry (Joseph Runningfox), in the clip above.

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