Dartmouth businessman denies teen's sexual favours allegations

Dartmouth businessman denies teen's sexual favours allegations

Michael Kobylanski denied at his sexual assault trial that he was ever violent with a 17-year-old girl or told her sexual favours would be part of her job when he hired her at his Dartmouth business in 2014.

Kobylanski testified in his own defence Thursday at Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax, and said he did not have sex with the girl during her second job interview.

"Was she required to go into a back room with you and provide oral sex to you, did that ever happen?" Kobylanski's lawyer, Peter Kidston, asked.

"No sir," Kobylanski replied.

The complainant, now 20, cannot be identified. She began working for Kobylanski in 2014. CBC News is not identifying his business.

Kobylanski, 41, is being tried before a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge and jury on six charges. They include sexual assault with a weapon, choking and uttering death threats. The alleged offences happened in 2014 and 2015.

Kobylanski says he paid girl $10/h

Kobylanski, who was in his late-30s at the time, said he initially offered the girl five hours a week to train and would pay her $10 an hour under the table for five hours a week. About four to five weeks later, he started leaving her at the business by herself.

"Once I started leaving her alone, I upped her to 10 hours a week and she made $100 bucks," he said.

He said he increased the girl's hours to 25 hours per week and paid her $250.

Earlier this week, the woman testified that she'd agreed to be paid $50 a week for working 25 hours and having sex with Kobylanski.

She said they ended up having sex three to four times a week, sometimes in the business's storage room and washroom. But Kobylanski said that never happened, not even once.

Secret relationship began with flirting

The complainant and Kobylanski began a secret relationship a few months after she was hired. Kobylanski said it all started when the girl began flirting with him.

Even though he was in another relationship, he flirted back.

"And then I started expressing the age difference and she was pretty adamant that she didn't care," he said.  

The woman has told the court their relationship soon turned violent because she had cheated on Kobylanski. She alleged he sexually assaulted her with a hammer, choked and threatened to kill her.

Kobylanski, however, testified that he told the complainant she could have an open relationship.

Treated her 'like the dog'

He denied ever hitting her.

In cross-examination, Crown attorney Susan MacKay accused Kobylanski of treating the girl "her like the dog that you implied she was" by putting a belt around her neck.

Kobylanski replied: "No, I told her every day she was beautiful, I told her every day that she was smart."

Kobylanski has prior convictions

Kobylanski admitted he has a criminal record dating back to 1997 for aggravated assault, escaping lawful custody and forgery.

Justice Felix Cacchione cautioned the six-man, six-woman jury not to use Kobylanski's prior convictions to conclude he must have committed the offences for which he is currently charged. The judge told them they may only use his prior convictions to test his credibility.

The Crown and defence will give closing arguments on Monday.