Dashcam footage shows police car T-boned at intersection

Dashcam footage shows police car T-boned at intersection

A dascham caught a police car getting T-boned at the intersection of Heritage Drive and Macleod Trail S.E. on the afternoon of Dec. 24.

The video, which was published Thursday on Reddit, shows traffic stopped at a red light when a police car began to move through the intersection with its sirens on.

Vehicles facing the green light slowed to let the police car through — but one appeared not to notice and continued through the intersection, where it collided with the rear wheel of the police car, which was sent spinning into another lane.

The vehicle that struck the police car appeared to have been moving at about 50 to 60 k/hr.

Vlad Hernandez, the driver who recorded the accident, told CBC News on Friday that no one appeared hurt — the drivers "were both up and moving around" after the collision, he said, despite the speed of the vehicles.

"It didn't really look like they slowed down too much when they hit that police [car]," Hernandez said. 

It all happened so fast that Hernandez says he didn't notice the vehicle approaching the intersection.

"My wife was the one who first noticed the car coming, kind of flying down the hill," Hernandez said.

Though the footage is timestamped at just after 2 p.m., Hernandez says the accident occurred around 12:40 p.m.

Watch the police car get T-boned at the intersection around the 25-second mark.