Close call caught on dashcam as giant bale falls off truck near Saskatoon

It was a close call between a Saskatchewan man's vehicle and a massive hay bale earlier this week. 

Jeff Heiser was about to head home from Saskatoon Tuesday afternoon when he noticed a pickup truck stopped at the light ahead of him.

Squeezed into the bed was a giant round bale, which would push the limits of the truck, weighing in at about half a tonne on average. 

But something didn't quite seem right to Heiser, as the sides of the truck with the bale in it were bowing out and it didn't look to be properly secured. 

So he kept back as he headed west behind the vehicle along Highway 14.

"I wasn't following too closely. I kind of had it in my mind that that might happen," Heiser said. 

Sure enough, it didn't take long before the bale came tumbling down off the back of the truck onto the highway — right in front of Heiser's vehicle. 

"It didn't happen too quickly. Within the span of kind of 10 seconds it started leaning out the back and then fell off," he said. 

All the action was captured on a dashcam he had installed a few months ago. 

Luckily Heiser was able to brake and pull aside to avoid getting hit. The truck that was carrying the load pulled over ahead. 

Heiser said he was mostly worried about his vehicle getting hit rather than himself getting hurt. 

Still, he wasn't impressed the bale was being transported that way, especially considering the weather. 

"It was a completely unsuitable vehicle for that and it was also a very, very windy day," he said.  

Winds got up to 90 kilometres per hour on Tuesday.