Data and communication in the Town of Taber

During the M.D. of Taber Council Meeting that took place on June 11, 2024, Councilor Brian Hildebrand alerted Council to issues regarding data and communication.

“I’ve noticed and I’ve had comments from numerous residents that near and in the town of Taber, there’s been some challenges with cellular communication and data,” said Hildebrand.

Hildebrand stated that he is aware that communications and telecommunications is not a role of the M.D. of Taber, but advocating for the residents is, so he is hopeful that some communication with the cellular service providers opened regarding the data challenges or at least get a timeline established for getting a resolution for the issues.

Councilor Hildebrand also made a motion that Council direct Administration to draft letters of concern to cellular providers regarding the reliability of cellular data in and near the Town of Taber and request information regarding cause and an expected timeline for resolution.

The motion was carried.

Heather Cameron, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times