Year-to-date budget summary presented to North Huron council

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NORTH HURON – Director of Finance Donna White provided the year-to-date budget report to council on Monday evening, including expenses up to and including April 30.

The 2021 Budget, passed earlier this year, includes the following:

- total expenditures - $16,981,069.97;

- total revenue - $10,282,981;

- transfer from Tax Stabilization Reserve - $338,066; and

- total raised from taxation - $6,360,022.97.

White noted that the township is operating under budget due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As expected, the revenue and expenses for capital projects are well below the 33.33 per cent April 30, 2021 target,” she wrote.

Currently, total revenue is at 24.17 per cent of the budget, and total expenses are 21.37 per cent of the budget.

White said as 2021 capital projects are completed, these percentages will adjust accordingly.

“The township’s indoor recreation facilities are currently closed and this has resulted in the cancellation of programs and services until further notice. The temporary closure of these facilities has had impacts on both revenue and expenses,” stated the report.

“Daycare programs are operating under COVID protocols and this has also impacted revenue and expenses.”

North Huron has received COVID funding from upper tiers of government – $166,500 in 2020 and $41,669 in 2021 – totalling $208,096.78 to help offset COVID-related expenses.

The township has used $134,965.63 of that funding, leaving a surplus of $73,176.37 to help offset 2021 COVID-related expenses.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times

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