Can Davante Adams repeat as fantasy WR1?

Yahoo Fantasy analyst Scott Pianowski explains why the Packers' star receiver might regress in 2021

Video Transcript


- By any measurement, Davante Adams is coming off a historic 2020 season. He had the third highest PPR points per game from any receiver since the merger. The only person who's done better than Adams last year was two Jerry Rice seasons, and he's accepted as the best receiver of all-time. Adams led the league in receiving touchdowns. He'll be lead in receiving yards per game. So why am I going to tell you to fade Adams? Well, there's some stuff we get to talk about here.

For one thing, he's missed time in four straight games. You usually don't get a full season from Adams. We would accept that from some other positions, like a running back or a tight end, those are attrition positions. We like our receivers to play four seasons. That's been a little bit of an issue. The Aaron Rodgers' problem. Is Rodgers going to come back? Is he going to have enough reps during the summer to be sharp? We know Adams and Rodgers are generally like peanut butter and jelly, they just go together hand in glove. But, a little bit concerned there, we don't even know for sure if Rodgers will be with the team on opening day. This could be an ugly divorce, and an ugly staring contest. And man, if Jordan Love plays, look out below.

And we can say the R-word, "regression." I mean, an 18 touchdown season just don't repeat. I mean, Adams only had 5 touchdowns the previous year. He missed a chunk of time that year with an injury. When you add it all up, Adams even off this amazing season, has been pushed into the second round. And I don't think he's a proactive pick for me. I'll probably be looking at a running back in the second round, even if I go receiver. I don't want to get invested in this Green Bay drama. I'm worried about the regression hitting hard. And again, I don't think Adams will play a full season. So, one of my favorite players, who just had the third best season, you could argue, of all-time for fantasy receivers. But I won't be drafting Davante Adams in 2021.