Recreate 'Space Oddity' sounds with a Bowie-edition Stylophone

·Contributing Writer
·1 min read

David Bowie famously used a Stylophone on "Space Oddity" all the way back in 1969. Over half a century later, Stylophone maker Dubreq has released a Bowie version of the synthesizer.

Dubreq teamed up with The David Bowie Archive on the limited-edition Bowie Stylophone. It's not functionally different from a regular Stylophone, though. There's a Bowie logo and it comes with a booklet that dives into his music and features archive photos.

Still, given Bowie's long association with the instrument (he used it on the 2002 song “Slip Away” as well), it could be a neat memento for fans. You can buy the Bowie Stylophone from Dubreq's website for $40.

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