David Oyelowo’s special moment with Barack Obama was ruined by George Clooney

David Oyelowo not only won awards for his performance in “Selma,” he also got to visit the White House for a special screening of the film with none other than President Barack Obama. And on “Conan,” Thursday night, he shared a hilarious story about one of his memories from the occasion.

Oyelowo said the president showed him a special copy of the Gettysburg address and read the entire speech to him. “It was just so mind-blowingly moving to me to be there to experience it,” said the actor. “And it was one of those stories that, you know, even as I say it to you I can't believe it happened.”

Oyelowo recently shared the story with his friend George Clooney, and learned that the moment may not have been as special as he thought. Clooney told his fellow actor that Obama did the exact same thing with him.