Dawson City's Jack Amos wins title at Alberta track event

Dawson City's Jack Amos wins title at Alberta track event

Jack Amos says he loves running because "it's very pure, in a sense — you either come in first and you win, or you don't."

The 15-year-old from Dawson City came first and won this past weekend in Edmonton, at the Alberta track and field championships. He took the under-18 men's title in the 3,000 metre race, finishing in 9:17.

"I'm happy that I ended up pulling it off," he said.

He wasn't sure he'd be able to, at first, when he woke up on race day feeling sick with a cold. But in the end, he found the stamina he needed.

Now Amos has his sights on the Canada Games in August. He's also hoping to race next month in Oregon, but says that trip — with a team from Victoria — is up in the air. He said the team is still deciding whether it will travel to the U.S. or not "because of Trump's travel ban."

In the meantime, Amos will keep training but also take a bit of a break.

"We'll just take it really chill at the moment, slowly ramping up the intensity of my training," he said.

Running, he says, "gives me a wonderful opportunity to work on something, something that I enjoy and get better at — to see my evolution as a person, in this sport."