Dax Shepard taught his 4-year-old daughter to ride a motorcycle

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Dax Shepard could be in trouble with his wife, Kristen Bell, over his love of motorcycles. The director and star of the movie CHiPS is a pretty big fan of cars and motorcycles. He explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that while Bell was away for a few weeks shooting a movie, he bought his 4-year-old daughter a (miniature) motorcycle and taught her how to ride it.

Shepard shared a video of his daughter, Lincoln, riding a tiny electric motorcycle around on a dirt field. He cheered her on and bragged about how quickly she took to two wheels.

However, there was a bit of trouble when Kristen Bell returned. Shepard explained, “She got home and I had left the box for it in the recycle bin, and it said on there ’13 and over,’ so I was in kind of hot water there for a minute.”

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