DCVI Drama class goes virtual with class play

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By Spencer Seymour, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Adaptability is very valuable these days. With many working or learning from home, many tasks have become more complicated or impossible to accomplish. You'd think one of those impossibilities would be a class play, but DCVI's Drama class recently put on their class play over a video call.

You may have the same question I had; how can you put on a class play over a video call? Surely this can't be done and certainly can't be done well, for no other reason than the fact it's not in-person. However, at that notion, the students of Paula Hurst-Foster's Drama class would scoff.

The comedic play, called "Everyone Gets Eaten By Sharks", centers around the premise that most people will eventually be eaten by sharks. It features Adventure Dan, shark expert and discount-timeshare salesperson, touring you through shark-infested scenarios. Not only did the students defy my expectations that a play could be done over a video call, they hit a home run. Even typical issues that come with video calls, such as lags causing moments of awkward silence, were virtually non-existent. Timing is vital to keep the play running smoothly, and despite the mode over which they performed, the play ran like a well-oiled machine, with the dialogue and character interactions almost always going without a hitch.

I find high school performances fascinating because the group involved always has a unique characteristic. Sometimes it's subtle and involves more nuanced details of the performers and their character portrayals, and sometimes it's painted in neon colours. The latter was the case here; their performance would have been thoroughly impressive had it been done in the normal classroom setting. It was very well done. But then you remember that this is happening over a video call with all the challenges that presents. I was blown away by what I saw because what I saw has never been done before.

We'd like to recognize the highly talented students who put on this show. The class includes Shawn Anwhatin; Muhammad Arham Irfan; Austin Eidt; Hannah Everett (Actor & Stage Manager); Kaylee Fowler; Kaitie Gratton; Matthew Gratton; Brayden Heaslip; Aly James; Caitlynn Jantzi (Sound); Aden Lindstrom; Sarah Lynch; Evan Lyons; Shaylyn Martin; Jayden Payne (Actor & Co-Director); Halley Robertson; Gage Rowe; Hudson Seaton; Nathan Switzer (Lights); Tucker Van Bolhuis; Emily Vink; and Ben Winchester (Actor & Co-Director).

Spencer Seymour, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, St. Marys Independent