The fantasy King, the Jalens and all the misses in Houston | Tip Off with Titus

In this week's Tip Off with Titus, Yahoo Fantasy analyst Dan Titus looks back at what he got right (and wrong) from the NBA preseason.

Video Transcript


- The fantasy basketball playoffs are underway. But I'm gonna take a moment to reflect on the season and revisit a couple of the hits and misses from my preseason predictions.

- Are you sure you want to do that?

- This is "Tip Off with Titus." Let's get right to it. The first hit, De'Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings.

- (SINGING) What a king, what a king, what a king.

- He was consensus outside of the top 50. I aggressively ranked him at 38, and it's really come together for him. Currently 43 in per game value and 36 in totals value. But what fantasy managers really wanted to see from De'Aaron Fox was improvement in his efficiency, as well as his dependability. And both things happened.

- You see, Joey? Dreams really do come true.

- Averaging career highs in points per game, rebounds, field goal percentage, and free throw percentage. And De'Aaron Fox is one of seven players to average at least 25 points with six assists this season. Just an all around great season for the first time All-Star. And an all around great season for the Sacramento Kings, too.

- So I was right.

- Another guy I was high on that hit, Jalen Brunson. Jalen Brunson came into the season with a six round ADP. I had him at 54, but apparently I wasn't aggressive enough because Jalen Brunson is currently 47th in per game value and 32nd in totals.

Now, the reason I was really interested in Brunson this season, the opportunity to play under Tom Thibodeau, a guy that runs every player into the ground-- [SCOFFS] sign me up for all those minutes.

- You tired? Yo, I'm tired.

- Jalen Brunson not only should be a fantasy All-Star, but also a real life All-Star from how he's progressed this season. He's averaging almost nearly 8 points more per game. He's averaging a career high in 3 point percentage. He's still shooting an efficient 48% from the field. This dude's just a beast, and he doesn't turn over the ball. Playing heavy minutes-- this is exactly what you want from a fantasy point guard.

- We couldn't ask for more, could we?

- And I think he could be in the conversation for most improved player, if it weren't for Lauri Markkanen. All right, I'm a fantasy analyst. Can't always be right.

- [GASPS] Gasp.

- Ooh, this one was tough. But I had Jalen Smith ranked 75th coming into the NBA season this year.

- Say what?

- I don't know what I was smoking because this guy is outside the top 200 right now in fantasy.

- I won't believe it. I can't believe it.

- And I think it's a combination of things. Going into the season, I thought that Myles Turner was gonna get traded. He didn't. They resigned him. Wise decision, Pacers. But I think it was really about Aaron NeSmith and Rick Carlisle trusting him, despite being undersized at the position. And after that, Jalen Smith never really got his rotational minutes. He's only seen 18 minutes a game.

Now, he is averaging 9 points and six rebounds over the course of the year, but it's really just been the inconsistency of him being in the rotation and out of the rotation. So this was a complete miss and definitely gonna be someone I'm not gonna be targeting heading into next season.

And to keep pulling the thread of misses, gotta go to Houston. I wanted to talk about Jalen Green, but I think that we can just talk about the Rockets in general. Miss--

- Rain dance.

- --after miss--

- Old school!

- --after miss.

- Raindrop.

- Alperen Sengun, I had 57th. He's 84th. Jalen Green is outside the top 200. I had him at 64. But let's just-- I mean, let's just call it what it is. This is the Stephen Silas problem. This was not a fantasy expert problem.

- Clearly.

- It was just doomed from the start. How do you only have one player in the top 100 in fantasy with all the talent around you, and tanking and playing no defense? This should be an offensive gold mine, and it was next to nothing.

- How? How does something like this happen?

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