Deborah Drever assigned homework on women's issues by Rachel Notley

Deborah Drever assigned homework on women's issues by Rachel Notley

Premier-designate Rachel Notley has finally spoken out about one of her winning candidates from this month's provincial election.

Deborah Drever won the riding of Calgary-Bow for the NDP but several embarrassing images of her have surfaced since the vote. 

The photos, including her posing with a marijuana T-shirt and her middle finger in front of the Canadian flag, have been circulating online. It prompted some to ask for a recall, even though there is no recall legislation in Alberta.

One photo, in particular, has been quite controversial. It shows the 26-year-old in a compromising position on the front of a heavy metal album. 

Calling the images "highly inappropriate," Notley says she spoke with the MLA-elect on Wednesday.

"She agreed with me and offered her very genuine apology and I have accepted that apology," said Notley.

Notley ordered Drever to come with a plan to address the controversy created by the album cover. 

"Reach out to groups that deal with vulnerable young women in an effort to find ways to expand and grow education on this issue, to ensure her commitment to fight violence against women and our government's commitment to fight violence against women," said Notley.

"She's agreed to do that and I am looking forward to hearing that plan."   

MLAs will be sworn in at a ceremony in Edmonton on June 1.