December Council Meeting RM of Fish Creek

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The regular meeting of the Council of the Rural Municipality of Fish Creek #402 was held on Tuesday December 1, 2020 in the Council Chambers at 121 Main Street, Wakaw, SK with the following members of the Council present: Reeve Bob Kramchynski, and Councillors Lawrence Sosnowski, Hollie Remenda, Peter Roslinski, Corey Venne, Chris Dutchak, and Maurice Werezak. CAO Lois Gartner was also in attendance.

Prior to the meeting being called to order the newly elected council members, Reeve Bob Kramchynski, Councillor Lawrence Sosnowski, Councillor Peter Roslinski, Councillor Corey Venne, and Councillor Chris Dutchak all duly completed the “Oath of Office”. Reeve Bob Kramchunski called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and Cllr. Remenda moved that the Minutes of the previous meeting held on November 3, 2020 be approved as read. Crd.

The financial report was given and Cllr. Dutchak moved that the statement of Financial Activities for the month of November 2020, be approved as read. Crd

Correspondence that had been received 1) Wakaw Rec. Board Minutes, 2) Village of Alvena Rec. Board Funding Statement, 3) Incident Report – Ed Martens (Sheldon Doetzel), 4) SARM Self Liability Insurance 2021, 5) Cyber Liability Coverage – New, 6) SARM Fidelity Bond Self Insurance were presented and Cllr Roslinski moved that the correspondence being dealt with be filed. Crd.

The Statement of Accounts Payable was presented and Cllr. Roslinski moved that the accounts totaling $73,919.33 be approved for payment. Crd. (These accounts are attached to the official minutes.)

Following the tie in the election results for Division 3, Cllr. Remenda moved that Council acknowledge FormCC, Declaration of Election Results for Division 3 Councillor Election date November 9, 2020 as presented by Returning Officer Lois Gartner. Crd.

With Christmas approaching, Cllr. Dutchak moved that Council authorize a $75.00 Christmas Gift Card be purchased and given to all R.M. employees. Crd.

Incoming CAO Terrence Schneider completed the Local Government Administration Program and Cllr. Sosnowski moved that Council authorize the reimbursement of the tuition fees for LGAP for Schneider. Defeated

As the R.M. is part owner of Lakeview Pioneer Lodge, Cllr. Remenda moved that Council allocate $1500.00 payable to the Lakeview Pioneer Lodge for upgrades to capital projects. Crd.

With the year-end approaching, Cllr. Remenda moved that Council authorize the Reeve and CAO to pay all year end accounts as at December 31, 2020 and a list of the accounts paid be presented at the January 2021 meeting. Crd.

Also relating to the approaching year-end, Cllr. Sosnowski moved that the CAO be authorized to add to the Tax Roll on December 31,2020 any amounts owing for custom work, gravel, well key and/or fire charges. Crd.

The issue of signing authority was addressed when CLlr. Werezak moved that the signing officers for the Municipality be the Reeve and the CAO. Crd.

The role of Deputy Reeve was filled when Cllr. Dutchak moved that Maurice Werezak be appointed as Deputy Reeve for December 2020 and for the year of 2021. Crd.

To continue to be eligible for the Municipal Revenue Sharing Grant, Cllr Roslinski moved that the Council of the RM of Fish Creek No. 402 confirm the municipality meets the following eligibility requirements to receive the Municipal Revenue Sharing Grant: Submissions of the 2019 Audited Financial Statement tot eh Ministry of Government Relations;

Municipality is in good standing with respect to reporting and remittance of Education Property Taxes;

Adoption of Council Procedures Bylaw;

Adoption of Employee Code of Ethics and all members of council have filed and annually update their public disclosure statements as required, and that we authorize the administrator to sign the declaration of eligibility and submit it to the Ministry of Government Relations. The municipality does not run a municipal waterworks system. Crd.

The motion was Carried.

Following the election public disclosure statements were signed and Cllr. Dutchak moved that Council acknowledges the signing of Council Members “Public Disclosure Statements” for Reeve, and Councillors representing Division 1, 3, 4, and 5. Crd.

The time of Regular Council meeting for 2021 was set as Cllr. Sosnowski moved that Council set regular Council Meetings for the first Tuesday of each month. From November through April meeting will start at 9:00 a.m. and from May through October the start time will be 8:00 a.m. as per Council Procedures Bylaw. Crd.

Cllr. Remenda moved that council allocate $100,000.00 to be established for a Road Construction Reserve. Crd.

In recognition of year-end activities, Cllr. Werezak moved that Council authorize that the January 5, 2021 regular meeting of council be rescheduled to January 12, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. Crd.

Cllr. Werezak moved the adjournment of the meeting at 3:45 p.m. Crd.

Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Wakaw Recorder