The DeCicco brothers debunk 'Shark Tank' myths, share update on Sunniva Super Coffee

Beth Delany, The Morning Breath
·The Morning Breath

When Jordan DeCicco was looking for a healthy source of energy during his nocturnal college days, high-calorie coffee and sugary energy drinks weren’t cutting it. Fast forward two years later, the 21-year-old and his two older brothers are raking in sales for their low-calorie coffee choice, Sunniva Super Coffee.

Featured on Sunday night’s episode of Shark Tank, Jordan, Jimmy and Jake DeCicco were pitching their product to intimidating sharks Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. And while they walked away without a deal, the handsome (and single) brothers are just getting started.

The three DeCiccos stopped by The Morning Breath on Monday to talk about their appearance on the show and share their coffee’s success story.

Admitting that their application to Shark Tank was practically a pipe dream with only one in 40,000 applications being selected, their journey through the process was unforgettable. “We didn’t hear from ABC for like six months,” says the eldest DeCicco brother and Sunniva C.E.O. Jimmy.

One significant rumor circling the business was brought up by Breath co-host Claudia Oshry. “Even if you don’t get a deal, ABC takes 60 percent of your profits for like 60 days after the show because they gave you so much press,” Claudia commented.

That turns out to be an unfounded rumor. “No, we heard that too. Maybe in previous seasons, but not anymore,” responded Jimmy DeCicco.

When asked about how the Sharks are in person, the boys were quick to reveal their two favorites. “We were out there for an hour and [Robert Herjavec] was super friendly, like wanted to go to the bar after,” Jimmy recalled.

Even friendlier was Barbara Corcoran. “Barbara was really flirty,” Jimmy added. Though their desired investor, Corcoran, passed on the deal, the Sunniva brothers can’t deny a post-Shark Tank boom. “We were on there to raise money and just the exposure alone has attracted a lot of investors, so the last couple of weeks have been busy raising money from private investors.”

Raising $1.4 million for Super Coffee, the brothers can safely agree that their Tank exposure did Super Coffee justice.