Delegation proposes memorial tree planting on North Perth Trail

NORTH PERTH – At the Jan. 9 North Perth council meeting, a delegation from David Bald, new owner of the Atwood’s Brenneman Funeral Home Ltd., proposed using the North Perth Trail to continue the tradition of memorial tree planting.

Bald stated their family has “been blessed with the warmth and hospitality of the town of Atwood and the Municipality of North Perth,” since moving to the area and taking ownership of the funeral home.

After being invited by the Brennemans for the annual memorial tree planting service in the Atwood Lions Park last year, Bald saw the firsthand effect that the service makes.

“Witnessing the impact of the service on the community was inspiring,” explained Bald. “The tradition… keeps the community together in a very big way.”

The Bald family wants to continue on this tradition, however, a new location is needed for the memorial tree planting as the Lion’s Park in Atwood is full and unable to accommodate new trees. Bald proposed to change the location, to start planting on the North Perth Trail, starting in Atwood and travelling 6.5 kilometres to Henfryn and 8.8 kilometres to Listowel.

“Our intention is not to change the trail in any major way, but to enhance it in a positive way,” stated Bald.

They plan to put a sign at the beginning of the trail, memorializing the people lost in the community. Bald said he is able to work within the municipal bylaws and policies, and will participate in fees associated with the memorial bench and tree program.

After Bald’s presentation, many council members voiced their support for the project, as it will provide much-needed rejuvenation to the trail system.

“I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to continue on a great tradition in the community,” Coun. Allan Rothwell remarked.

The Atwood Lions wrote a letter to council in support of Bald’s delegation, and their ongoing efforts supporting this project. Council directed staff to formulate an approach with the owners of the Brenneman Funeral Home that supports the project outcome.

Melissa Dunphy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner