Delicious hack for dippable S'mores fondue in family size

S'mores are an important part of summer for many North Americans. Anyone who has camped or who has even had a backyard campfire probably remembers at least one occasion where they made S'mores. The typical recipe is simple. You toast a marshmallow and get the Graham wafers ready. Adding a square of chocolate, the marshmallow gets sandwiched between two wafers. The heat of the toasted marshmallow melts the chocolate and the result is a warm, gooey sandwich that is as sweet as an ice cream bar. Kids delight in toasting marshmallows and the added taste of chocolate and Graham wafers makes them a delicacy that becomes one of our fondest childhood memories. Campfires themselves are hypnotic and fun, allowing family to gather and talk without the distraction of electronics or phone calls. A quiet night with the sound of a loon call, the crackle of the fire, and a delicious, sweet treat is one of the best gifts we can give our family. This family takes their S'mores seriously and they cook them up in bulk. This approach gives this treat a twist, allowing the wafers to be dipped. As a second option, shortbread biscuits can also be used. Marshmallows are arranged sop that they cover the pan in an even layer. Chocolate is poured on top and a lid is placed over it to keep the heat in. The log is sawn so that it has grooves that can be filled with birch bark and twigs. The bark is lit and the fire spreads rapidly. A small pile of tinder on the top creates a bed of coals that sinks down into the centre of the log. When the twigs on top have burned down, the frying pan goes on it like it would on a stove top. After 5-10 minutes of low heat, the marshmallows have melted and the whole thing can be stirred. Hungry campers dip their wafers into the marshmallows and scoop it up like it's a S'mores fondue. Of course, marshmallows can still be toasted and S'mores can be made in the traditional manner, but this S'mores fondue will also be an unforgettable family memory that is talked about years later!