Delicious recipes: How to make Piccalilli

Ingredients: Cauliflower 1 small approx 300g - 10oz Red onion 1 Red chilli 1 Carrot 1 medium cucumber 1/2 Bell pepper 1 Salt 50g - 1.7oz Cider vinegar 300ml - 1/2 pint Malt vinegar 125ml - 1/4 pint Turmeric 15g - 1/2oz English mustard powder 30g - 10z Corn flour / starch 2 tbsp Sugar (any) 160g - 5.5 oz Anglo Indian relish/pickle Piccalilli fantastic relish served with cold meats and cheese. I never liked piccalilli until I made my own, I always found the shop bought versions to taste synthetic, there is quite a lot of peeling and dicing of vegetables for piccalilli but once the chopping is done the rest of the process for piccalilli is really quite simple. Serve your homemade piccalilli with cold meats and cheeses or in a doorstep sandwich of your choice.