This Delivery Man Followed The Customer’s Instructions To The Letter


A delivery man who was asked to leave the item under the customer’s doormat did EXACTLY what was asked of him.

Despite the cumbersome size of what was being delivered, the courier placed the long box right where he was told to put it.

The driver was seemingly extremely proud of doing his job and proudly took a picture of the box, uploading it to Reddit.

User ajl5991 wrote: “I’m just here to serve the customer.”

He added a picture of the request that confirmed that he was asked to put the box under the doormat.


Request: The customer did ask for the box to go under their doormat (Reddit)

Commenters praised the actions of the courier, with one writing: “Our package was left under the doormat too… at least this one tried to conceal it.

“We had one just thrown in the vicinity of our door.”

Another added: “Well, he was technically correct.”

It does beg the question - surely the customer knew what was being delivered so why did they ask for it to be hidden under something that was clearly too small to conceal it?

Maybe there is just a LOT of packaging…

Top pic: Reddit