Dell’s most popular gaming laptop has a $300 discount today

Dell 15 Gaming Laptop front view showing display and keyboard deck.

Many years ago, if you wanted the best gaming laptop, you’d still have to deal with something large, bulky, with a terrible battery life, and a several-thousand dollar price tag to boot. Luckily, there have been a lot of advances since then, and nowadays, you can get yourself a relatively thin and powerful gaming laptop for less than $1,000. One great option for that is the Dell G15 gaming laptop, and while it usually goes for $1,000, Dell has heavily discounted it down to just $700, which saves you a whopping $300.

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Why you should buy the Dell G15 Gaming Laptop

The most important part of any gaming laptop is its graphics card, and in this configuration, you get yourself an RTX 4050, which is admittedly an entry-level GPU, so it’s not that powerful. Even so, it does give you access to the latest DLSS 3, which helps increase framerate in supported games, but otherwise, it’s a solid 1080p gaming card. As such, the screen is 15.6 inches and runs an FHD resolution while being able to hit a 165Hz max refresh rate, which you’d likely have to make a few graphical compromises to hit. That said, you can upgrade to an RTX 4060, which will help a lot with graphical fidelity and hitting that refresh rate; plus, you get a better CPU for the extra $200, so it’s worth considering.

Speaking of CPU, this configuration of the Dell G15 comes with an Intel Core i5-13450HX, a very solid mid-range CPU that will easily handle most games you throw at it, plus quite a few productivity and day-to-day tasks, too. The 16GB of DDR5 RAM is also pretty great and will give you an overall smooth experience, while the 1TB of storage should hold you over for quite a while, although you can always supplement that with one of these external hard drive deals. Of course, battery life isn’t going to be great, especially when gaming, so don’t expect more than 3-5 hours in the best-case scenario, but that’s a common issue with gaming laptops.

Overall, the Dell G15 is an excellent budget-friendly gaming laptop, and it’s a good option if you want to save some money, especially with the $300 discount from Dell. Even so, if you’d like a few more options, be sure to check out these other great gaming laptop deals too.

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