Delta Flight Attendants Get in Fist Fight, Plane Lands


Two flight attendants reportedly got into a fist fight on a recent Delta fight. (Photo: Wikimedia)

The skies weren’t so friendly on a recent Delta Air Lines flight. After two female flight attendants got into a fist fight on flight 2598 traveling from Los Angeles to Minneapolis, the captain decided to make an unscheduled landing in Salt Lake City.

According to the Aviation Herald, the flight attendants had a disagreement over work issues on the Jan. 22 flight. A third woman on the plane tried to break up the fight and was also hit by the brawling flight attendants. At that point, the captain made the decision to land the Boeing 757. The plane was flying just south of Salt Lake City when the fight broke out.

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The diverted flight route. (Photo: FlightAware)

The Aviation Herald reports that the airline sent a letter of apology to passengers that stated, in part: “Some of our team members did not display their best behavior. We expect our flight crew to be nothing but courteous and professional at all times and what you experienced was far from that. I am sorry we didn’t deliver on our brand promise for you today.”

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There have been many recent examples of passenger air rage, but not as many with flight attendants. In Sept. 2012, two United Airlines flight attendants sharing a jump seat got in a fight, while that same month, two American Airlines flight attendants battled it out over a mobile phone. And in 2010, JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater made headlines when he announced that he was quitting his job over the plane’s PA system, then slid down the evacuation slide.

Yahoo Travel reached out to Delta for comment, but hadn’t heard back at press time.

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