Demand is back for 'Blue Eyes'

The Labrador stone, anorthosite, commonly known as blue eyes, is making a come back.

Used to make countertops and high-end tiles, the stone was being mined several years ago near Nain, but because of declining demand, stopped being extracted years ago.

Now, prices for the stone have rebounded and the quarry is re-opening.

"We determined that there was a limited quantity of stone left there ... good quality for the market, said Chris Webb, who is with the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies.

"We decided that rather than let it stay in there ... due to limited supply on the market right now, that we would go in this season and extract that stone."

Webb said the remaining anorthosite in the quarry will be extracted and the site will close at the end of the season.

But Webb said another deposit of the stone has been found nearby, and drilling will be done to determine if there's enough stone for another quarry.

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