Democrats notch a big victory against Trump

The markets aren’t showing much change at the open. Investors will be busy with a number of earnings reports as they monitor President Trump’s trip to China. Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Jen RogersJared Blikre and Brittany Jones-Cooper discuss the big stories of the day.

Today’s topics:

  • Virginia, NJ pick new democratic governors
  • US, China companies sign $9B deal
  • Trump to discuss North Korea, trade in China
  • How much has Trump influenced stock performance?
  • Shares of 21st Century Fox are rallying
  • Snapchat and Twitter to adopt new looks to gain more users
  • MGM Resorts’ earnings fall
  • Lending Club tanks on lower sales forecast, revenue miss
  • Game maker Take Two soars on GTA sales, raises outlook
  • Target to close a dozen stores
  • Evolving views of millennial men could end sexual harassment
  • Uber, NASA team up to develop flying taxis
  • British Airways releases: An etiquette guide to flying

What are your thoughts on a NASA, Uber partnership?
– Call me George Jetson
– Elon Musk will beat them
– It’ll never happen
– I won’t be the guinea pig