Democrats’ outrage over Roe v. Wade comes 6 years too late

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Dems shocked?

I do not understand the shock and surprise that Democrats are exhibiting over the release of the Supreme Court’s draft decision on Roe v. Wade. This outrage is six years to too late!

The problem was not caused by the election of the 45th president of the United States. The problem is the Republicans who have and continue to supported this man — the Mitch McConnells and Kevin McCarthys whose only goal is political power — and those in the party who have allowed the Madison Cawthorns and Marjorie Taylor Greenes to remain members of Congress.

As a lifelong Democrat, I also blame the Democratic Party leadership for not recognizing the existential threat of the ultra-right wing of the Republican Party and for not responding to it in the appropriate manner. Democrats simply do not know how to win elections. I only hope that this will be the catalyst for change.

Ted Dunn, Pittsboro

Cheri Beasley

In a TV ad, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cheri Beasley says both parties in Washington are doing their jobs wrong.

I beg to differ. Democratic presidents haven’t packed the Supreme Court with radical right-wingers. Congressional Democrats didn’t undermine democracy by refusing to certify a free and fair election, nor did they ram through a deficit-stoking tax cut that mostly benefits the very wealthy.

On the surface, a both-sides-do-it middle course might appear to be the safest route to election victory. That strategy didn’t work for the late U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan in her 2014 reelection campaign, and it is unlikely to work for Beasley this November.

Ven Carver, Raleigh

Abortion rights

In the current heated discussions about abortion rights, I find two issues rarely mentioned: the separation of church and state and the man’s responsibility in providing for the child. A woman’s right is under threat in the most shameful manner and religious beliefs are being used as a cudgel. Instead of forcing women to bear and raise a child they are not prepared for, perhaps men could be persuaded to have a vasectomy. And, churches that preach about medical and secular decisions that belong to a woman and her doctor should be obligated to pay taxes.

Deirdre Mack, Durham

Recent protests

Violent protest should not be tolerated. If those demonstrating at the homes of Supreme Court justices are breaking the law, authorities should deal with it.

With so many serious challenges to our democratic way of life, leadership is needed from people able to see more than just their side. I fear the desire to win at any cost has blinded many to the dangers we face. Politicians who have the ability to reason and problem solve are desperately needed. Is political control, by hook or crook, going to make us a more free and just society? No, but debating issues and finding solutions together can, if we let it.

Sam Haithcock, Durham

Political discourse

Our political discourse coarsens with each passing election season. A current TV ad features a candidate for Congress from North Carolina stating “I don’t expect politicians to know anything about duty or honor...”

Let this candidate consider a few politicians who truly understood duty and honor: Fiorello LaGuardia of N.Y., G.K. Butterfield, Sam Ervin and Robert Orr of North Carolina, Barbara Jordan and Ann Richards of Texas, John Kasich and Carl Stokes of Ohio, to name a few.

These politicians were and are strong advocates for their views but also widely respected for their principles by partisans of both parties. And let us not forget: Bob Dole of Kansas, Daniel Inouye of Hawaii and John McCain of Arizona. They certainly knew a thing or two about duty, honor and sacrifice.

Michael Leonard, Durham


The writer lives in Braggtown.

The Braggtown Community Association just had a huge win in its battle over a housing development off Carver Street in North Durham. The original plan offered 20 affordable housing units. The new plan has 198.

Now, the developers and city officials must be proactive in promoting sustainable development for this community.

Braggtown has few continuous sidewalks and many roads with no shoulder. Many of the Go Durham bus stops are on busy roads without enough space to stand and no cover for riders during extreme weather. Braggtown needs bike lanes, safe bus stops, and continuous walkways/trails.

Michael Green, Durham

College athletes

Regarding “At ACC meetings, confusion persists amid NCAA’s new NIL guidelines and lack of clarity,” (May 10):

College athletes profiting from name, image and likeness (NIL) has become the catastrophic failure everyone knew it would.

Boosters are funneling millions of dollars to entice recruits and transfers to play football and men’s basketball at their school. This has long been the worst nightmare for anyone who cares about college sports.

I take exception to the notion that providing income for some college athletes was “inevitable.” When did $100,000 scholarships and lifetime experiences playing meaningful games in front of thousands of people become insufficient compensation?

Mark Kinlaw, Holly Springs