Denise Richards 'Kickin' It!' Wedding: Exclusive Photo

October 8, 2012
Denise Richards and her daughters with the cast of 'Kickin' It!' -- Disney XD/Adam Rose

Denise Richards is donning a wedding dress again! This time, though, it's all for TV. The 39-year-old actress and mother of three is set to play Leona, known as the "Black Belt Widow," on tonight's episode of "Kickin' It!" on Disney XD.

Richards got a call from her agent about doing the gig and couldn't turn it down.

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"My girls are huge fans of the show. I have watched the show," she explained. "I was so excited to do a show that my kids could actually watch and see my work!"

Denise also brought daughters Sam and Lola Sheen down to the set to meet the show's cast and even took a few pictures, like the one seen here, exclusively.

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In the episode, Denise's character, Leona, is set up on a date with Bobby Wasabi, the owner of the dojo that is the center of the martial arts themed comedy.

Bobby and Leona immediately hit it off and announce they are getting married -- that is, until the students at the school discover Leona is the black widow, known for stealing rich karate movie stars' fortunes and then making them mysteriously disappear.

"Kickin' It!" airs Monday at 8pm ET/PT on Disney XD.

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