Dentli Bridges Gap Between Oral Health Awareness by Connecting Patients with Top-Rated Dentists in Canada

Lumens Dental Corp
Lumens Dental Corp

TORONTO, June 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Lumens Dental Corp., a dental technology company located in Toronto, announced the release of Dentli™, a dental directory SaaS connecting patients to top-rated dentists in Canada. This release adds another tool to the Lumens Dental Corp. portfolio, focusing on dental patient acquisition.

Dentli™ provides a platform for Canadian based patients to discover dentists with added accessibility features for the visually impaired. Patients can find a dentist near them through various channels, including searching by city, specialty, dentist gender, and many more options.

"We have studied the market with patient acquisition for dentists since 2019. The top request was developing leads for new patients," said Aidan Payne, Director of Lumens Dental Corp. "Dentli™ is a dynamic dental directory where patients compare dentist ratings and reviews."

The initial release of Dentli™ lists the best dentists from all major cities in Canada. The goal is to achieve listing 10% of dentists in Canada who provide quality services and connect them to quality patient leads. Lumens Dental Corp. has projected this number to be around 2400 different dental offices for listing.

When patients engage and book an appointment with dentists on Dentli™, data gets segmented with Populatē™, a propriety data tool built by Lumens Dental. Stakeholders use these behaviours to reinforce their dental marketing campaigns. In addition, Dentli™ was designed for dental offices to gain rich SEO results with increased online visibility. The software-as-a-service platform offers three-tier packages that include featured listings and appointment bookings.

Discover a dental professional near you or increase your office's patient leads and SEO by downloading the app on Android or iOS! Search for “Dentli” or “Find a dentist” in your preferred App Store.

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