Designer Viviene Westwood shares her 'Letter to Earth'

Vivienne Westwood reads a “letter to the Earth”

Location: London, England

The fashion designer is known for her environmental activism

She called for opening up land for wildlife

BRITISH FASHION DESIGNER AND ACTIVIST, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, SAYING:"The first step is you've got to rewild because what rewilding is not to do with stop farming and let everything go, it's to do with start farming in collaboration with nature. Let nature bring the soil back to health."

Her letter is part of a campaign urging for climate action

in the run-up to the UN COP26 global summit in Scotland

Nigerian author Ben Okri read a letter with his family

NIGERIAN AUTHOR, BEN OKRI, SAYING:"My my letter to the Earth really is asking the Earth to chastise us. It's an unusual angle to take, but I have become a bit fed up of the human race inflicting unending suffering on itself, on its people and on this planet. And I think it's time that we took some responsibility for what we're doing."

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